“Dr. Cheyenne Bryant’s Biography”

Welcome! Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a Psychology Expert, renowned Life Coach, Teen Mom Life Coach on MTV, ranked #1 Author in SUCCESS Magazines top 20, the President of NAACP; branch #1069, Founder of Dr. Bryant Institute, Founder of Dr. Bryant Foundation non-profit, author of the award-winning Readers Favorite Five-Star book, “Mental Detox,” Motivational Speaker, community activist, host, and brand ambassador.

Dr. Bryant’s mission is to spread her message and expertise on how to lead a healthier, happier, balanced and more fulfilling life. For years, she has shared her wisdom, awareness, mastery, and insight through her private practice, book, lectures, workshops, and assisting individuals with life impairments and challenges. Dr. Bryant embarked on a similar journey as the one you are undertaking, assisted by Iyanla Vanzant, Oprah Winfrey, Marriane Williamson, and many more. Dr. Bryant’s passion for healing, encouraging, and empowering others is what led her to become a Doctor of Psychology and a Life Coach.


Dr. Bryant attended Cal State University of Northridge at the age of 17. While there, she obtained a double degree in Psychology and Pan African studies. During her first two years, she was undecided as to what field she should pursue as a career. Organically, she ended up choosing psychology. She still wasn’t quite sure why, however. She didn’t realize what had triggered her interest until she entered the Master’s Program at University of Phoenix. She was about halfway through the Master’s program and boom! It hit her! She had A LOT of healing within herself that needed to be done. Dr. Bryant’s desire for self-fulfillment, healing, peace, and balance within herself and others drew her to the field of psychology. Being the overachiever that she is, Dr. Bryant decided to pursue her Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University.


Dr.  Bryant is a pro-active community activist. She sits on many community and collegiate boards such as Los Angeles Harbor College, University of West Los Angeles Law School, and many others. She volunteers her time providing community care, inspirational speeches, lectures, mentoring, and resources to youth state facilities and at risk youth programs. In 2014, Dr. Bryant founded the “Dr. Bryant Team” which created and provided employment opportunities. The “Dr. Bryant Team” focused on providing food, hygiene, clothing, programs, and resources to the disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles County all of which Dr. Bryant solely funded. As a result, of her impact on the community, Dr. Bryant founded the Dr. Bryant Foundation; a 501c3 non-profit that provides school supplies, clothing, computers, and exposure to the underprivileged, and implements needs and resolutions to the community to advance the inner-city youth, and families.


As a result, of Dr. Bryant’s work she was honored the following awards: 



• State of California “Woman of Distinction” award,
• County of Los Angeles “Community HEART” award,
• Unsung Hero “Humanitarian” award,
• Certificate of Congressional Recognition, Centerlink “Woman of the Year” award.
• County of Los Angeles “Commendation, Woman’s Life Brunch Volume 2” award.
• California Legislature Assembly, “Certificate of Recognition, Thanksgiving Food Giveaway” award.
• Inaugural Share the Purple Luncheon, “Inspirational Speaker” award.


• Justice For Murdered Children’s, “Certificate of Recognition, Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser” award.
• California Legislature Assembly, “Certificate of Recognition, Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser” award.
• Featured in Ebony Magazine; March edition.
• Featured in Single Minutes Magazine; September edition.
• WNBA LA Sparks, #WeAreWomen, “Woman of the Year” award.



• County of Los Angeles Commendation “Holiday Computer Giveaway” award.
• California Legislation Assembly, Certificate of Recognition “Computer Giveaway” award.




• NAACP Certificate of Appreciate, “Keynote Speaker.” award.
Oprah Magazine Publication, September edition.
• Thrive Global Publication, ongoing contributor. 

• Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, “Woman of the Year” award.
• Cover of IMPACT Atlanta International Magazine.

• Hollywood & African Prestigious Awards, “Woman of the Year” award.




Featured in FORBES.

• Los Angeles County Democratic Party, “Democrat Of The Year” nominee.
Featured in SUCCESS Magazine and ongoing contributor.

• Cover of CONSCIOUSNESS Magazine.
Ranked #1 Author in SUCCESS Magazines top 20 including Oprah, Maya Angelou, Les Brown, Lisa     Nichols and many more. 


Featured in HUFFPOST. 

Featured by YAHOO! news ongoing. 
• Featured in Toronto News.
Featured in SHEEN Magazine.

Featured in ACCC-Cancer Journal.
• Featured in UPSCALE Magazine.
• NAACP Dr. H. Claude Hudson Award.





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